PHP Beautifier & Formatter

PHP string formats with default indentation and out for PHP beautify . Online PHP formatter will be removed unwanterd space and displaying clean PHP code. Now deafult indentation rules added and align PHP code normally.

PHP Input

Our Formatter will helps to beautify your PHP code more than you expected.

It has the capabality to beautify your code quickly for your time consistance.

Syntax highlighting is the main advantage of this formatter.

It highlights the difference between the PHP tags and the Contents of the page.

Spacing between the tags and perfect alignment of the content is also one of the advantage of this PHP formatter.

Commonly used for the code which is developed by the multiple developers.

Why we are Using PHP Formatter?

  • Formatter makes your code easier to read and understand.
  • PHP Formatter parses the code and makes it more clear & styles the code
  • Your code to gets clear identification of different tags
  • It beautifies your code as syntax of PHP


  • PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor or Personal HomePage
  • Software Applications can be develope using PHP
  • PHP encrypt data
  • Through PHP we can acces database
  • Popular databases can integrate with PHP


Minified PHP below :
<?php $x = 1; while($x <= 5) { echo "The number is: $x <br>"; $x++;}?>
Beautified PHP below :
$x = 1;
while($x <= 5) {
  echo "The number is: $x <br>";